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What We Will Sell

PULSE/RESPIRATION/RUMINATION UNIT (PRU) – This first product will be a portable battery-powered device with universal voltage capability that can be used in robot milking machines, automatic calf feeding machines, hospital pen, maternity pen, show stock pen, or stud barn to collect pulse, respiration, and ruminations information.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL UNIT (TCU) – Following within several months of the introduction of our first PRU product will be our second, a temperature control system working off the actual respiration rate changes of the cows in a barn to manage fan, misting, and shade systems. The cooling system will be controlled by our measuring the cow respiration rate and relating that to the heat stress levels of the cows, as opposed to controller settings done manually or by air temperature alone that are judgement calls and independent of real data on what is happening to the cows in real time.

INTEGRATED COMMERCIAL UNIT (ICU) – The third product will be a variation of the first Portable/Mounted Unit, except tuned so that it is suitable for mounting in production milking stalls on large commercial dairy farms.

Once these three products are in production we will begin development of additional products, some using the SILR technology and others that utilize different technologies required to suit new applications.

18 - Cows in sand freestalls
6 - Calves nursing computer feeder

Continuing Research

Of particular interest to VitalMetric is the development of an expert system software tool that will use the vital signs data provided by our SILR units to provide diagnostic services so as to get timely health related  information immediately to the dairyman.  This tool would be similar to medical diagnostic software developed for humans, except of course somewhat simpler.

Touchless measurement of the cow’s body temperature is also high on our list of products to bring to the market as well as cow weight systems that would not require scales.

We have many ideas for value added products as noted above and it is highly likely that we will have products other than those three listed above in the field generating sales before the end of our five year plan.

Who Will We Sell To

While our actual sales may be to a dairy equipment dealer, or to and through an OEM, the end user is the dairyman who is committed to the business such that implementing automation on the dairy farm has become second nature and a priority.

We will prioritize our penetration of the Market by first focusing on a Target Market of dairy farms in North America (NA), Europe, and other countries where automation is the accepted norm, such as Israel, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. The NA Market is composed of Canada, Mexico, and the USA. When we speak of Europe we mean the EU countries. We will work immediately on integrating our product into the robot milking machines and automatic calf feeding systems now becoming widely used in the Markets where technology rules.

Simultaneous with work on integrating our product into automatic calf feeding systems on commercial dairies we will begin installations within the milking stalls of these same dairies.