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About VitalMetric Dairy

VitalMetric will be the first company to introduce touch-less monitoring of Vital Signs into the dairy industry. Specifically we will collect Vital Signs data on pulse and respiration, plus the rumination count.

This system will allow the collection of this important animal health related data without ever putting a sensor or probe into or on the animal. The technology to be introduced is based on using SIL Doppler Radar (SILR) to register the body mass of the animal and then measure incremental body movement relative to pulse, respiration, and ruminations.

We have negotiated a License with the National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU) of Taiwan for using their patents covering the application of SIL Doppler Radar in measuring pulse, respiration, and rumination on dairy animals. This is a worldwide License.

On February 1, 2016 we received a signed commitment and initial funding from our Seed Investors, which was our first funding event.

Following extensive testing with our second generation demonstration units, which starts in May 2016, we will introduce a unit for application in robot milking systems as well as commercial parlors in the first quarter 2017.

In this same timeframe we will test and introduce a temperature control system that will utilize the respiration monitoring feature of the technology to determine the heat stress that a dairy cow is feeling and adjust the cooling system in barns accordingly.

The temperature control system is patent pending and will maximize cow comfort and minimize energy usage.

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Our Strategy

Our Product Strategy is to extend into other product families using this technology, and also to develop additional products for the dairy industry that use non-related technologies that will save the customer time and money.

We have identified the touch-less measuring of dairy cow weight using imaging systems as a potential product development effort outside of our PRU product line and extensions using the SILR technology.

In the software area we believe that there is a strong potential market for an expert medical diagnosis system that would provide real time health information to the dairyman on the herd. This software would be similar to the Massachusetts General Hospital DxPlain diagnostic software for humans except tailored by our Chief Veterinarian for Bovines.

The foundation of our business model is a recognition that our customer is willing to take up and implement new and effective technology at a faster pace when presented with a clear understanding of its value.