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VitalMetric is Developing Solutions Using SIL Doppler Radar for Two Distinct Business Segments, Dairy and Commercial

Offering innovative solutions to monitor, improve and save lives of both humans and animals

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The dairy business is quickly automating both its milking and calf rearing operations.  We are developing products that monitor pulse, respiration, and rumination count during these processes so that the health of the herd can be improved and mortality rates reduced.


For the commercial business, we are developing products to monitor driver and operator fatigue in order to save lives. We are focused on those commercial areas where there is a history of fatal accidents in which driver/operator fatigue is a significant cause.


About VitalMetric

VitalMetric. LLC is a Florida registered technology company that is developing products for the dairy industry, as well as for several commercial applications, utilizing SIL Doppler Radar.

We began our business in 2014 when we committed to developing products using SIL Doppler Radar to measure pulse and respiration. While our first interest was in dairy farm applications we soon expanded our product development to include humans in several commercial markets. We will have our first products designed for the dairy farm introduced in the first quarter of 2017, but will follow very quickly with products for the commercial truck market. In this very large potential market, we will work to increase the safety of large trucks by giving drivers important information on their level of fatigue and insight into their ability to continue to operate their vehicle safely.

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Our Strategy

In both the dairy and commercial business segments we have identified several key sub-markets where our technology can provide exceptional product value. We will reach those markets by selling directly to the OEMs providing products into those markets, and work through an experienced distribution channel to reach the installed base.

We will initially focus on geographical “hot spots” where the combination of high volume potential and a commitment to implementing cost effective technology is established.  This is in recognition that when we first start to sell products our field sales organization will not be fully formed and establishing priorities is critical.

In the dairy segment we will focus our first product introduction on robotic milking machines, while in the commercial segment we will focus all product development on large trucks and buses.

Fortunately the technology is the same for both dairy and commercial with differences in software, enclosure, and communication protocols.

Meet the VitalMetric Team

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James F. McCain

President & CEO

– Turnaround & New Company Start Up Executive.

James gained his dairy industry experience as Global COO of Boumatic with responsibility for both North America and Europe.  His expertise is in the turnaround of troubled companies and the start-up of new ventures.  He has experience in 16 different industries and has led the development of 8 start-up companies in a variety of industries. These include appliance manufacturing, high temp materials, and software.

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Bob Onesti

Robert J. Onesti

Chief Engineer & Chief Operating Officer

– Over 30 Years of Experience with Engineering and Manufacturing

Bob has been involved with engineering and manufacturing for over 30 years.  After getting both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he went on to become President of a startup company specializing in highly- automated production equipment.  Bob grew up on a dairy farm and has worked in many different industries including custom PCBs, software development, heavy truck electronics, and high-speed wire processing.  He has run the operations department at multiple companies and is an expert in material management and production control using custom designed relational databases.  From his experience of growing up on a dairy farm, he understands how modern technology can attribute to the overall success and health of today’s dairy herds.


Dennis E. Dynneson

VP Sales & Marketing

– 20 years of International Dairy experience in dealer development and the implementation of leading edge dairy technology.

Dennis was raised on a beef cattle ranch in Montana and gained his experience in the dairy industry working as a herdsman, field service, dealer support and development, director national sales for Boumatic, and most recently in a key managerial position at Alta Genetics. Dennis is highly regarded for his ability to analyze troubled dairy equipment dealers and to guide them to profitably. He is also an Industry Leader in the application of technology to increasing cow comfort and quality milk production.


Dave Koopmans

Dairy and Engineering Expert

– 15 Years of Project Management, Service and Director of Engineering Experience

Dave, born in Belgium, worked with BouMatic and Lely, where he gained experience in the Dairy industry. He has 15 years of experience in diverse high-tech and high demanding industries working on a global scale as project manager, service & engineering director and recently as general manager for an industrial dairy robotics company, Lely.

Meet the VitalMetric Joint Research Team

The research resources that VitalMetric is bringing to bear on our commercialization of the technology we have licensed from the National Sun Yat-Sen University of Taiwan is centered in Madison, WI but is global in reach. Below you will note the impressive depth of the support we enjoy.


T.-S. Jason Horng, PhD

Distinguished Professor

– Distingushed Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan

T.-S. Jason Horng received the Ph.D. degree from the Electrical Engineering Department, UCLA, in 1992. Since August 1992, he has been with the Electrical Engineering Department, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan, where he is now a Distinguished Professor. He has authored or coauthored over 240 technical publications published in refereed journals and conferences proceedings. He holds over 50 patents. His research expertise covers RF and microwave systems for wireless communications and Doppler radars for biomedical applications. Dr. Horng was the founder chair of the IEEE MTT-S Tainan Chapter in 2009, and an associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques from 2012 to 2015. He is a member of the IEEE MTT-S Technical Committee MTT-10 and MTT-20, and a Fellow of IEEE.


Fu-Kang Wang, PhD

Assistant Professor

– Assistant Professor, EM-Wave Group of National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan

Fu-Kang Wang’s hometown is Kaohsiung, Taiwan. He received his bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD in the National Sun Yat-Sen University. After fulfilling his mandatory military service as second lieutenant and working as a visiting researcher at imec in Leuven, Belgium, Fu-Kang is currently an assistant professor in the EM-Wave Group at the EE Department of NSYSU. His research interests include microwave sensing technology, wireless communication system, and RFIC design. Ten US patent applications were submitted by Fu-Kang, and half of them, as of now, were granted. Fu-Kang has made a significant contribution to the invention of self-injection-locked radar in 2009, and he will continue to explore the potentials of radar systems in civil and industrial applications.

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