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What We Will Sell

TELEMATICS: We will develop products based on SIL Doppler Radar technology and digital imaging to monitor drivers and operators of the vehicles and equipment identified as our Total Market. This monitoring will ensure that they are always aware of their physiological condition as it relates to driving/operating safely and enabling the safe operation of the vehicle or equipment they are responsible for. We will monitor pulse and respiration rates and using the latest in sleep research develop a signature for each individual that will allow us to provide warning of increased drowsiness that leads to accidents.

Industry knows all too well that an alert driver/operator is a requirement for safety!

These products, in particular for the truck industry segments that are our Target Market, will be very similar to those developed for the dairy industry with differences in the enclosure design, display, and mounting/integration areas.


Continuing Research

VitalMetric will provide funding to the National Sun Yat-sen University for further research on the touchless monitoring of the vital signs of pulse and respiration. In the future we will expand this research effort to include blood pressure and body temperature. We are finalizing the contract detail of this Research Program now.

In addition we plan to sponsor research at the one of several Sleep Labs that we are talking with to further refine our knowledge of the relationship between pulse/respiration and alertness/drowsiness. The first of these research projects will take place during the summer of 2016 once we select the Research Team.

We know that as a person moves from an alert state to Non-REM sleep that both Pulse/Respiration decrease and become more stable. We must determine the timing relationship between these physiological changes and the point of drowsiness where it is unsafe to continue driving or operating the vehicle/equipment.

Who Will We Sell To

FLEET MANAGEMENT: VitalMetric will focus first on our Target Market which is the large truck segment that is utilizing fleet management services.  In the USA this is referred to as Class 7 & Class 8 trucks. In most cases this is a truck/trailer combination.

To reach this Market we will use different sales channels.  We will sell directly to the OEMs in the industry that are manufacturing Class 7 & Class 8 trucks.  These include Peterbilt, Volvo, Mack, Freightliner, International, Kenworth. The Market size is 175,000 new vehicles per year plus close to 2.5 million existing and operating vehicles just in the USA.

We will develop a distribution relationship with one or more of the existing sellers of vehicle monitoring equipment (Telematics) to reach the existing Target Market.

This is a group of companies competing in the market for vehicle monitoring equipment, none of which performs the important functions ours does.  Essentially these companies are providing similar information through Telematics Systems as does the Black Box in an airplane.  They collect vehicle statistics and do not monitor the physiological condition of the driver and so do not provide predictive information about the ability of the driver to operate the vehicle safely.

A large group of transportation companies in our Target Market are consistently applying the latest in vehicle monitoring on their fleets and this is where we will find the most immediate acceptance.

Our products are on the leading edge of driver/operator monitoring as there is nothing similar being used in the Market today.

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